Introduction to FortiManager – Central Management Suite

In this course we will learn how to deploy FortiManager virtual machine in the cloud using AWS EC2

Then we will master each section of the FortiManager  configuration such as device management where we can add firewalls to our management and configure them remotely

Creating and managing Administrative domains, which is useful for large organizations looking to segregate multi tenancy devices

Creating and managing firewall policies for multiple fortigates from one console. Leverage shared object database and remote installations for all your security infrastructure.

Manage firmware level on your Fortigates and automate upgrades and downgrades,

Using global policies to create common used firewall rules or company-standard policies to be applied to all our Fortigate, also can be helpful for  regulatory or compliance rules that need be applied to multiple devices at once.

Configuring local update server for our fortigates with the ability to roll back and automate security updates

And finally Converting FortiManager  to FortiAnalyzer for log aggregation and security incidents management

join me in this course If you want to master FortiManager  skills and best security practices.

What You will learn in this course:

  • FortiManager Overview
  • Deploying FortiManager VM
  • Device Manager
  • ADOMs and Zones
  • Policy and Objects
  • Firmware Management
  • Global Policies
  • FortiGuard FDN proxy
  • FortiAnalyzer Features

What is the target audience?

  • Firewall Administrators looking for automation and time saving by using central management suite
  • Network Administrators looking to manage multiple firewalls at once
  • Migration SMEs looking to automate firmware upgrade and rollback ability


FortiManager Overview


Deploying FortiManager VM

Central Management

Device Manager
ADOMs and Zones
Policy and Objects
Firmware Management
Global Policies
FortiGuard FDN proxy
FortiAnalyzer Features

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