Introduction to Fortigate Firewall

Welcome to the Introduction to Fortigate course. This course is aimed to help you get started with configuring and supporting Fortigate firewalls, as well as different use case scenarios and security best practices.

The Hands-On labs used in this course will walk you through the steps needed to get all your Fortigate infrastructure configured securely, and ready for production.

Up-to-Date 2023 version of the course using latest FortiOS 7.2 Firmware images, and built on multiple platforms - local and cloud - you can choose from.

By the end of the configuration section you will be able to configure firewall policies, routing, VPNs, authentication portals and much more on you platform.

Troubleshooting quick tips will help you to resolve common Fortigate issues ASAP.

What You will learn in this course

Who is the target audience

Network Security Engineers looking to improve their Fortigate skills, and increase their security foundation.

Network Administrators curios on the best practices to manage and troubleshoot network incidents and resolve complex issues.

Companies looking for comparison between security devices and firewall platforms to decide the best fit to their requirements.

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